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Brilliant Jewels, Brilliant Decisions. Since 1993.

Discovering the finest and very best jewelry, gemstones and luxury watches is a journey that benefits from the expertise of an jewelry industry insider. A trusted advisor who works exclusively for the client to unearth hidden brilliance, investment value or difficult to find jewelry that holds a lifetime of memories.

At PIANGOLA, our industry expertise as a private jeweler isn’t unlike seeking professional guidance when purchasing fine art, real estate, a jet or a yacht. Acting as an impartial and confidential expert, PIANGOLA has assisted thousands of clients in the purchasing of fine jewelry, loose diamonds & gemstones, luxury watches and rare one-of-a-kind estate jewelry. We also custom design pieces based upon client visions & fantasies, repurpose precious metals and gemstones from existing jewelry, and provide convenient services such as jewelry and watch repair, cleaning and appraisals.

At the heart of PIANGOLA is private jeweler Fernando L. Enriquez, a certified gemologist and jewelry designer who’s studies in global diamond capitals of Santa Monica, California, New York City and Antwerp, Belgium helps guide client personal and business jewelry objectives. For decades, PIANGOLA’s world-class client services have created beautiful outcomes and brilliant decisions - a one-on-one consultative approach that saves clients time, money and alleviates confusion in an often crowded and confusing jewelry marketplace.

How does one discern between diamonds, between watch brands, and between jewelry? This is called the paradox of choice, where more choices don’t lead to easier decisions, they lead to buyer confusion and paralysis.

PIANGOLA is your private jeweler for diamond engagement rings, wedding and anniversary rings, luxury watches & timepieces, and fine jewelry, utilizing a worldwide network of wholesalers to quickly locate perfect pieces for perfect occasions, regardless of client budget.

PIANGOLA has private showrooms in Miami, New York City, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Contact PIANGOLA today.

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