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PIANGOLA is able to create the perfect jewelry piece for you whether it be re-designing a cherished piece or creating a one of a kind treasure for a lifetime piece! The design process may include your ideas or sample designs we have available in store.  

At PIANGOLA, we are not only your custom design and bespoke specialists, but also your major jewelry repair jeweler. Our dedicated and experienced team allows for us to provide you with the best customer service in Miami.

About Our Leather


PIANGOLA is dedicated to producing unbiased, accurate appraisals. Our professional experience provides security to you. We accurately document and determine the current market value of diamonds, gemstones, antiques and all types of jewelry—no matter what their age. Let us help you discover

the true value of your jewelry 


The PIANGOLA bespoke pieces are completely customizable. Each piece is distinctive, beautifully detailed, and made to the highest standards of our standards. For PIANGOLA, it is always a pleasure working closely with our customers to design and create the perfect piece for you, whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band, gift for a friend or

just a little something for you.

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